Digital Multimeter with 9V Battery

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    Description :

    The multimeter is an essential tool for technology and electrical professionals. Its use is also observed in mechanics and industries. It takes measurements in multiple ways and at multiple scales. The digital multimeter allows for quick and efficient sampling.
    The device allows the measurement of transistors and functional testing of sound continuity. It eliminates the use of other electrical voltage measuring devices.
    In addition to ensuring measurement accuracy, the multimeter is protected against overload.

    Technical specifications:

    -Its main function is to identify voltage, current (MAH) and temperature.
    -LCD display
    -AC and DC voltages
    -Current test
    -Resistence test
    -Transistor, diodes and continuity test
    -Power: 1 9V battery (included)
    -Square wave: OP
    -DCA: 2000 ua - 10 A± (1%+2)
    -ACV: 200 V - 750 V ± (1.2%+10)
    -DCV: ​​200 MV - 1000 V ± (0.5%+2)
    -OHM: 200 O - 2000 kO± (0.8%+2)
    -Low battery indication
    -Overload protection

    NOTE: there is no sound signal

    Package content:

    1 DT-830 digital multimeter with 9V battery (included)
    2 metal test tips

    Available in colors: Yellow

    Note. Images for illustrative purposes only. Colors, sizes and packaging may vary depending on the batch and manufacturer.

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