O que é o modo RCM no Nintendo Switch? e como entrar nessa função?

O RCM mode (Recovery Mode) is a special state in Nintendo Switch which allows the execution of custom firmware, such as custom firmware (CFW) and payloads. Here are the details about RCM mode:

  • Activating RCM Mode :

    • To enter RCM mode, you need to connect the Nintendo Switch to a computer or device using a RCM dongle or one RCM clip .
    • Press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons, and then press the power button.
    • The console will boot into RCM mode, indicated by a black screen.
  • Exploring RCM Mode :

    • In RCM mode, the Switch is ready to receive custom payloads.
    • Payloads are files that contain instructions for performing specific actions on the console, such as loading custom firmware or backing up/restoring NAND.
    • You can inject payloads into Switch using tools like TegraRcmGUI or the rcmloader-package .
  • Precautions :

    • Using RCM mode may void your warranty. Nintendo Switch .
    • Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and use reliable payloads.
    • Avoid malicious payloads that could damage the console.

Remember that using RCM mode is an advanced activity and requires technical knowledge. If you have no experience with this, it is recommended that you do further research or seek guidance before proceeding. 😊